A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Throw To Survive is a first person shooter where instead of using weapons to fight the zombie horde, you fight with everything and anything you may come across. From a delicious maki roll to bed frames and mattresses.

This demo was created for a class project at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The only people who was involved in the project is myself. Note: the assets used for this project were taking from the Unity Asset Store.


Throw to Survive.zip 56 MB
Throw to Survive.app.zip 59 MB


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its already pc version look theres windows download and iphone downloa

that apple symbol means mac book

not Iphon


You are a asset flipper. I have seen that player model on the asset store.

An asset flipper describes someone who uses assets from the store in order to mislead the player into PURCHASING their game for MONEY, this game is free and he literally said in the description he used models from the asset store.

yeah, he admitted himself. And while it's still free, the effort (more in graphics) is just underdone, especially with the fact that he used the asset store for the PLAYER MODEL. If it was a NPC that would be fine, but you CAN spend as much as you want on the asset store. Anything, no boundaries are in place. But if you trust it too much then eventually you would want to leave game mechanics up to the store itself! Use the asset store as much as you want, just make sure it blends in without it showing itself how it's from the store! Quality of the asset can be something, too. Especially with style mismatching.

Played it and had a lot of fun, my main complaint in this is that the sensitivity is too slow which makes me turn slower than I would like, and some of the bigger objects I threw slid on the ground not hurting the zombie. Besides that had loads of fun and am definitely following! Keep up the great work =)

Please include PC version.

apologies, I believed had created a version for PC as well.